Jackie Afram

Email: jackie.afram@verizon.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackie.afram  

My art comes from my life experiences. Photos of friends and family are favorite sources for subjects and I draw inspiration from museum collections and enjoy trying to detect artists’ special techniques. I approach each painting with the style I believe best suits the subject. I have learned to add or subtract paint, and push it around with palette knife, brush, finger or paper towel. Oil paint is my primary media The many ways one can use it with a variety of media intrigues me. Recently I have enjoyed using oil bars, oil markers on black canvas and now alcohol ink markers and stone paper. Each painting is a learning experience and I look forward to more experiences. Come see my work at the Gallery Underground in Crystal City and other Arlington Alliance venues.

Ann Bolster

Email: annbolster@yahoo.com

Ann Bolster works in oils, oils and foil, acrylics, collage and mixed media. She paints landscapes, street scenes, still lifes and animals, particularly cats, wolves and foxes. While her style in oils is representational, her style in acrylics, collage and mixed media tends toward the abstract. Whichever style that she is exploring, she loves dramatic color contrasts, particularly the rich natural colors of old textiles oriental carpets and medieval paintings. Her extensive travels often influence the subject matter of her art.

George Bowles

Website: yunnan-arts.com/georgebowles.html.

George Bowles trained at the Bougie Studio in Minneapolis (1996-2000) and has shown at several galleries, including the Abbott Gallery, McLean; Byrne Gallery, Middleburg; Fisher and Art League Galleries in Alexandria; JarrettThor Fine Arts, Colonial Beach; Metropolitan Gallery, Arlington; and Applegate Gallery, Vienna.  He was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine annual competition, twice for portraits and once for still life.  He was one of ten winners in the “Over Sixty” national competition sponsored the The Artist’s Magazine in 2020.  In addition, he won first place in the Potomac River Regional Art Show three years in a row, as well as the People’s Choice award in 2009.

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​Diana Castillo

Email:  dianahelene@gmail.com

Has been studying and painting as a hobby since high school. She has participated in group shows in New York city and Madrid Spain. Uses bright colors due to her hispanic background and is most influenced by the artists DeChirico and Picasso.


Jane McElvany Coonce

Email: Jane.Coonce@verizon.net
Website: www.jmcelvany.com

Jane McElvany Coonce has been in the art field for over 30 years. She works primarily in oil, pastel, and terra cotta. Her favorite subjects are children, seascapes, and bridge scenes. She is particularly skillful at capturing the luminescent quality of sunlight reflecting on water and on the interplay of water and sky.
Her works are held by private and corporate collectors. Her corporate collectors include the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and the International Country Club, Fairfax, Virginia and the Rickover Academy in Chicago. She has won numerous awards for both her paintings and her sculptures.
She has been an art instructor for Arlington County Adult Education since 1980.
Born in Washington, DC, Jane McElvany Coonce lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and three sons.