Lisa Coyle

Lisa is a native of Charleston, SC where she grew up on the water surrounded by beautiful landscapes, beaches and the historic charm of the city. These remain today the biggest inspirations of her art. Lisa has been painting as long as she can remember, taking classes in Charleston as a teen in both acrylic and watercolor under renowned painters such as Shirley Carroll, Patsy Tidwell, Steve Jordan and Virginia Fouche Bolton. After earning a degree in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland, Lisa worked as a Graphic Artist for 25 years and continues to freelance. Lately her focus has switched back to fine art. She illustrated a children’s book with watercolor paintings and has resumed art classes taking on the new challenge of oil painting under the Art League’s Ted Reed and through The Arlington Artist Alliance with Jane McElvany Coonce.

Lisa lives in Arlington with her husband and three children where she paints in her home studio. She and her husband spend time throughout the year in Charleston, and her canvasses often reflect Lowcountry scenes.

Lisa is happy to accept commissions in Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil.


Arpi Sahr

My work oscillates between two idioms, the representational and the abstract, with abstraction exerting the stronger pull.

While working on a piece of geometric abstraction, for example, be it in oil, ink, pencil, pastel or assemblages of found objects, a rhythm develops in which body, mind and time feel synchronized. In this synchronicity one feels grounded, secure and serene. If I as the maker and you as the viewer experience this satisfying suspension in time the work has succeeded.

I like to work in a small format because I want my work to be portable in the way that an icon is portable, so that one can wrap it and take it along.

My fine arts studies were under the tutelage of Washington Artists, Thelma Costikyan, Danni Dawson, Bob Hof and Jennie Lea Knight, respectively. I have a BA in The History of Art from The George Washington University, 1972.


Leila Lofton


As a watercolor, acrylic, and oil artist, my paintings are bright, whimsical, and eclectic. I continually find myself drawn to nature’s vibrant colors and organic shapes as my source of inspiration, often making them the subject matter of my work. My intent is to use avant-garde designs and intense colors to bring joy and a feeling of depth to the viewer, drawing them in.


​Diana Castillo


Has been studying and painting as a hobby since high school. She has participated in group shows in New York city and Madrid Spain. Uses bright colors due to her hispanic background and is most influenced by the artists DeChirico and Picasso.


Kate Trygstad


I grew up in Minnesota, treasuring our walks in the country or in the woods and our drives to the western mountains. Those roots stayed with me as I moved to Arlington and the world around continued to delight. I surprised myself by discovering and loving painting in oils. The easel and paints call to me. I work primarily from photos I have taken, trying to capture the spirit of the place. Some still life paintings and some street scenes are represented in my work. My strongest identification is with nature in motion, the animated world around us. While I love creating things that others can appreciate, painting is a mindfulness practice.