Steena Fullmer


Glass is a beautiful luminescent medium, which is amazing to experience visually. The play of light through the glass changing its color and consistency creates visual sensations that are rarely paralleled in other materials. This play of light on glass also emphasizes the amazing textures of glass. I am drawn to the beauty in glass that comes out in its changing colors and textures. I strive to call attention to the texture and color of glass by creating a three dimensional experience for both the eyes and the hands. By layering handmade glass dots, pulled cane, and cast images on my work, I create realms of texture and layers of color that can be seen with the eyes and felt with your hands.

Show in the past year?
All Around the World, juried show at Gallery Underground August 2017
“Glen Echo Park Annual Labor Day Art Show” Juried show Glen Echo, Maryland, August 2017
“Collectors Showcase” Lorton Workhouse Art Center, Juried show, Lorton, Virginia, January 2017.
“Merge” Lorton Workhouse Art Center, Juried show Lorton, Virginia, July 2016.
“GRUMP Holiday Arts and Crafts Show” Juried show, Artisphere, Arlington, Virginia, December 2016.
March Melee, Juried show, Del Ray Art Center, March 2016

Top 100 Artists on “Fused Glass Artist” (number 13):

Anya Getter


Anya Getter was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.  She immigrated to United States in 1991, and having majored in Computer Science and Information Technology found a job as a Software Engineer with Fairfax County Public Schools.

Ever since she was a small child, Anya was drawn to painting, sculpture, knitting, sewing and many other forms of arts and crafts.  Working in the IT field never allowed her talents to blossom, but Anya always looked for an outlet for her creative energy.

After her twins were born in 2000, Anya first ventured into the world of formal self-expression by decorating kids’ jeans and overalls with colorful and whimsical appliques that became an instant hit among mothers looking for one-of-a-kind outfits for their toddlers. With the help of e-bay her work was selling all over the world.   As children were getting older, Anya’s interests have also changed.  She experimented with various media and eventually arrived to collage/mixed media art as a perfect match for her artistic vision.  Most of Anya’s art comes from her feelings and experiences, and is inspired by quotes or sayings that hold a special meaning to her.  Each painting has many layers to it, and you will be discovering new details each time you look at it.

Anya makes her home in Arlington with her husband, two kids and one very fuzzy dog.