Jackie Afram

Email: jackie.afram@verizon.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackie.afram  

My art comes from my life experiences. Photos of friends and family are favorite sources for subjects and I draw inspiration from museum collections and enjoy trying to detect artists’ special techniques. I approach each painting with the style I believe best suits the subject. I have learned to add or subtract paint, and push it around with palette knife, brush, finger or paper towel. Oil paint is my primary media The many ways one can use it with a variety of media intrigues me. Recently I have enjoyed using oil bars, oil markers on black canvas and now alcohol ink markers and stone paper. Each painting is a learning experience and I look forward to more experiences. Come see my work at the Gallery Underground in Crystal City and other Arlington Alliance venues.

Ann Bolster

Email: annbolster@yahoo.com

Ann Bolster works in oils, oils and foil, acrylics, collage and mixed media. She paints landscapes, street scenes, still lifes and animals, particularly cats, wolves and foxes. While her style in oils is representational, her style in acrylics, collage and mixed media tends toward the abstract. Whichever style that she is exploring, she loves dramatic color contrasts, particularly the rich natural colors of old textiles oriental carpets and medieval paintings. Her extensive travels often influence the subject matter of her art.

Kerry Britton

Email:  kerrybritton001@gmail.com

Kerry Britton is a textile artist striving to share insights about light, shape, color and texture through wall hangings that capture her experiences in natural settings. An avid photographer, she often uses multiple photographs to create unique compositions that capture essence of place, interesting botanical structures, and the play of light on surfaces. She uses commercial and hand-dyed fabrics as well as original paintings on cotton which she embellishes with stitchwork and mixed media.


Marsha Brown

I paint with watercolor and often include ink for definition.  Thus many of my paintings have a lot of drawing in the image.

My expression is often whimsical, using line and color in a loose and free manner. People, animals and nature are what I paint most.

I grew up outside Detroit, Michigan.   I have always liked art even in high school; making art; visiting museums and galleries; or just reading about it.   Currently I have a studio in Alexandria, Virginia.  I show my work mostly in the Virginia:  Gallery Underground, The Art League and other venues such as libraries, retail outlets, professional offices, corporate offices and more.


Chica Brunsvold

Email: artbychica@gmail.com
Website: www.chicabrunsvold.com

CHICA BRUNSVOLD, the daughter of an imaginative yankee linguistics professor and a southern steel magnolia, was raised in the academic atmosphere of Ann Arbor, Michigan. After two years of the U of M’s Lit School she opted for its Art School. Her life became forever infused with an artistic outlook. After earning an MA in Art, she moved to VA and became an Illustrator General for the CIA and then the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. She soon married a supportive and level headed engineer/law student who became  partner in what is now the largest patent law firm in the country. After five years, she sensibly resigned from Government work, to concentrate on their daughter and painting.  When their daughter left for college she immersed herself in her artwork. She is now the doting grandmother of two and an award-winning artist.

Accepted in nearly 200 national watermedia shows since 1995, she’s won dozens of awards including the prestigious Harrison Cady Award from the American Watercolor Society and the highest award given out by the Mississippi Watercolor Society ~the Arts in Mississippi Award. She has earned signature memberships in the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society and the watercolor societies of AL, Baltimore, GA, KY, MS. MO, MT, OK, PA, Northwest, Taos & VA.