Pat Stacy


A native Arizonan, Pat Stacy’s work is abstract acrylic, and done with textures and symbols with meaning. She paints intuitively with acrylic, often with one that has a great deal of metal in it. She uses patinas for their natural colors and embellishes her work with pastels and other acrylics for color and texture. Pat prefers to paint on wood, but uses canvas as well in her creations. Her unique Quadruvium series consists of four off set wooden cradles held together with dowels in sizes 17″ tall or wide to 78″ tall or wide. They have fine line work on the sides and edges. She often uses symbols from folktales, other countries, Native American tribes, and some symbols she makes up to tell stories in her work. You will find much texture in her work in addition to her symbols, patinas and beautiful colors.