Olivia Springberg

Website:  olspringberg.wixsite.com/oliviaspringberg

I get my ideas for my art from what is around me. My favorite subject to paint is landscapes so I look at the differences in weather and climate and express that in a number of my paintings. What I want to achieve in my work is to make the viewer think back to a time when they were in a place that resembles the one in the painting. I hope to give the audience a warm feeling and a sense of comfort in my work. I’ve been influenced by a number of painters of different and diverse styles, but landscapes have always stood out to me. Recently, I have been doing a variety of styles such as portraits and abstracts that have a weird and surrealistic touch to them. My overall goal is to engage the viewer with intriguing colors and compositions. I try to achieve many different styles and techniques which are present in my displayed art.