Donna Lomangino


I am inspired by the overwhelming beauty and serenity of nature, its subtle shifts in color and mood, its gentleness and its ferocity. I have always felt ruled and directed by my moods, regardless of attempts to repress them or inhibit their influence, and considered this a great flaw. It brings a sort of comfort to think that the myriad shifts in the wind, the precipitation, the temperature, a cloud, the light, present and elicit an endless array of fascinating scenes, sensations and emotions—and are beyond our control.

Does it follow, then, that mood is a condition of our existence, that the intricacies of each personality are as ever-changing as the wind and the light, and that change is not only expected, but welcomed, instigated perhaps? I love to capture a mood, a moment, when painting land-, sea- and roomscapes, and also when painting portraits.The CinemaScope series captures a dramatic moment in film, and is an homage to cinema, another major inspiration.

When I paint, I allow my moods and my instincts to guide me, from selection of color to application. My goal is to preserve as much spontaneity and rhythm as possible, not overworking the paint, so that the energy of the painting remains, and the force of the brushstrokes are preserved.