Brian Flaherty

Media: Oil, Acrylic, Photography

I am a self-taught artist. Originally a sketch artist focusing on portraits of my favorite historical figures, with an emphasis on charcoal as a medium, for the past decade I have pursued photography and painting in oil and acrylic. Photography includes: Washington DC protests, ecology photos of roadkill as still life, traditional still life of food, travel, and urban exploring, of declining American Business economy with photos of area places like SYMS and Sears. This was inspired by the biography of William Christenberry visiting Hale County, Alabama. A native of the Washington DC region, I try to invoke the character of the Washington DC region.

In painting, I try to pursue portraiture, color field, and all-around abstract art. I like history, and I tend to draw from a well of influence of the democratic ideal, that includes influences from Robert Frank and photojournalism for nonprofits. Education in art includes Commercial Art, and Arlington Adult Ed., both in Arlington.