Johnny Dukovich



Green Moon Art is Johnny Dukovich:

I have been drawing my entire life and began painting over a decade ago. I primarily work in oils, but also enjoy painting with acrylics and drawing with charcoal. Some general themes I seem to revisit are nature, wildlife, the human form, and abstract expressionism. I have also been exploring social and political issues and am continuing to develop that area of my art.
I prefer working in bright colors. My favorite oil painting process is to use scores of layers of transparent glazes, building up color, depth, and complexity. I often work on a series, exploring a theme from various viewpoints, both literally and figuratively. Some recent themes include: liberty, rhinoceroses, and crows. My art allows me to meditate on the world and expand my interpretations of what I see and feel.
In my profession, I work in various aspects of hardware and software technology. In 2015, I started embedding sensors, microcontrollers, and LEDs into some paintings. I like the idea of a piece of art sensing that someone is looking at it, and then responding to them – usually by showing them some additional information in the piece. I have also been painting onto wood, which allows me to alter the piece with tools such as drills, files, and laser cutters.
I work in the Blue Studios Underground, which is in the Crystal City Underground and is accessible to the public. I enjoy the experience of working in plain sight. It gives me the opportunity to interact with the public, share ideas with studio mates, and try to keep my studio space in some semblance of order. Please stop by some time – I’d love to chat.

I do commissions, but require complete artistic freedom. If you’d like me to do a commission for you, I would want to talk about themes and moods, but not specific objects, colors, or other characteristics.