Josh Conway

Facebook and instagram: Joshuaconwayart

I grew up in small town Oklahoma with a love of figuring out how to do things. As I aged, I realized my talent for creating and learning various artistic techniques to create art works. Over the years, I have combined art, my knowledge, and dexterity of my hands into a career on its own path. I have designed everything from vehicle wraps, signs, corporate identities, fine handmade furniture, to oilfield equipment and even an offshore vessel. It is easier for me to design and understand these products because of my practical experience in creating and installing them. All my experiences have molded me into an “Industrial Product Mechanical Graphic Designer Artist,” but my passion remains with being an artist.

Outdoor adventures feed my creative soul. We all need to find our peace and mine is taking in nature. Fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting is what I do in my spare time with my family. I am currently working with ink and watercolor, trying to capture landscapes and life experiences in a fun illustrative way.