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Artfest Week at Fort C.F. Smith (April 5-12, 2019)

Show Participation – $35.

It’s a Steal Art Show & Sale (May 3-5, 2019)

Show Participation – $25.

RENEW Annual Alliance Membership Dues

Full Membership Dues $50.00 annually (exhibiting)
Associate Membership Dues $35.00 annually (not eligible to exhibit at Alliance venues or events)

Gallery Membership Dues (must be Alliance member)

Gallery Underground membership (juried) dues for Jan-June 2019 – $330.
Gallery Clarendon membership (not juried) dues for Feb-June 2019 – $175.

Studio Rental (at either Clarendon or Underground)

Studio Rental – 3 months (rental amounts vary per space)
Studio Rental Р6 months (rental amounts vary per space)


We welcome your monetary support in any amount!