Artist of the Month

John Steven Newman (Steve) for Oct. 2018

I am relatively new to fine arts although I extensively employed graphics as a communication method throughout my engineering career with the FAA and NASA. I have always been interested in art and design – previously and currently realized in – woodworking, travel, gardening, home construction projects, cooking, and photography.

I audited first formal classes in drawing and painting during the Spring of 2013 at George Washington University and have subsequently taken a variety of classes at various institutions in the area. I have experimented with a range of mark-making techniques including pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic, digital and flame-on-wood panel. More recently I am settling into a narrower focus, continuing to pursue abstract painting while also developing representational landscape skills.

I continue to intellectualize the challenges of drawing and painting and find that every instructor has an approach that can assist in my development. Toward that end, I’ve become a member of the Arlington Artists Alliance Gallery Clarendon, a welcoming and artistically-diverse community where I intend to continue exploring and having fun.