Arlington Artists Alliance

A vital creative force for visual art in Arlington County, VA

A M B I E N T  L I G H T

MARCH 1-26, 2021

Paintings By Studio 10 Artists:
Linda Maldonado / Elisabeth Hudgins
Deborah Taylor / Kat Jamieson / Elise Ritter

“Ambient” light is the atmosphere that surrounds and illuminates an environment, whether real or imagined.
This compelling theme is explored by the artists of Studio 10, a collaborative of five women who create
and celebrate community-based art. 

Gallery is open and kindly requests that face masks be worn. No opening reception will be held due to COVID safety regulations

Dreams and Nightmares – National Juried Exhibition

February 1 – 26, 2021
– No opening reception due to health safety regulations –

Juried by Emily Francisco
$500 in cash prizes awarded