Lauren Marcott

Lauren Marcott has sketched since first grade, but only in the last few years has she worked in color.  In school she studied crafts and played around with pencil portraits. During summers she taught among the unique perspectives and color of the Southwestern desert, before traveling and working in East Asia and Europe, always sketching.   She retired from the U.S. State Department in 2007, after serving in London, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as various places in Washington.

In the last few years she’s traveled with her husband to Jordan, Japan, Turkey, and Central Europe, and has driven several times across the US.  She visits her daughter and granddaughter in Paris and Jerusalem, as well as New England in summer and Florida in winter — hence the bistros, seashells, sailboats, canyons, and lighthouses that populate many of her paintings.

Since she retired, she’s taken on watercolor, at least in part because of its ability to capture the light in objects – and because it has a mind of its own.   She studied watercolor at the Smithsonian, at the Arlington Arts Alliance, with Arlington Adult Education and most recently the Art League.  She is a member of the Potomac Valley Watercolorists, the Arlington Artists Alliance and the Gallery Underground.   She can be reached at

Meg MacKenzie

Award winning and acclaimed artist Meg MacKenzie has her work in both international and national private collections. She draws her inspiration from the complex color formed by the early morning and late afternoon sunlight. The acrylic pieces reflect nature’s patterns with texture, moodiness and unexpected color. The watercolor pieces are realistic, simplistic, and elegant yet reflects an unexpected abstract quality.
She is a member of the Potomac Valley Watercolorists, Virginia Watercolor Society, The Art League in Old Town Alexandria, the Arlington Artists Alliance and the Northern Virginia Watercolor Workshop.
Meg has been accepted in and has won awards in juried group shows at The Art League Gallery at the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Virginia. Her work will be in the 2007-2008 Bin Gallery at the Art League Gallery. In 2005 and 2006, her woork was chosen to be displayed in the Kennedy Center National Symphony Orchestra Designers’ Show House. She has shown at various locations throughout Northern Virginia including the Ellipse Art Center and Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia and in 2007, the Mid-Atlantic watercolor show at Strathmore Hall.

She has shown in the Tidewater Virginia area, has done commissioned work and murals in the Shenandoah Valley, and now lives and shows in Northern Virginia.

Donna Lomangino


I am inspired by the overwhelming beauty and serenity of nature, its subtle shifts in color and mood, its gentleness and its ferocity. I have always felt ruled and directed by my moods, regardless of attempts to repress them or inhibit their influence, and considered this a great flaw. It brings a sort of comfort to think that the myriad shifts in the wind, the precipitation, the temperature, a cloud, the light, present and elicit an endless array of fascinating scenes, sensations and emotions—and are beyond our control.

Does it follow, then, that mood is a condition of our existence, that the intricacies of each personality are as ever-changing as the wind and the light, and that change is not only expected, but welcomed, instigated perhaps? I love to capture a mood, a moment, when painting land-, sea- and roomscapes, and also when painting portraits.The CinemaScope series captures a dramatic moment in film, and is an homage to cinema, another major inspiration.

When I paint, I allow my moods and my instincts to guide me, from selection of color to application. My goal is to preserve as much spontaneity and rhythm as possible, not overworking the paint, so that the energy of the painting remains, and the force of the brushstrokes are preserved.

Linda Jeffers


LK (Linda) Jeffers, resides in Arlington, VA. Her award-winning art is in collections in the U.S. and Europe and has been exhibited in various galleries throughout the U.S., including Touchstone, Washington DC; Ellipse, Arlington, VA; James Cohan Gallery, New York City, NY; Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD; eMerge Art Fair, Washington DC; Gallery Underground, Arlington, VA; and others. Her work has been published in the Washington Project for the Arts Artist Directory. She has been a long-standing member of various art groups such as the McLean Project for the Arts (MPA), Washington Project for the Arts (WPA), Arlington Artists Alliance (AAA) and Maryland Art Place (MAP).


Kathleen Jamieson


First Solo Show: Tacking dozens of watercolors to the studs of the family garage and charging a dime for tickets, five-year-old Kat launched herself into the local art world. The show was well attended and favorably reviewed. Ever since, she’s been exploring and constructing most anything graphically bold and creative: painting, graphic design, calligraphy, Japanese folding screens, papermaking and book arts, woodworking, silversmithing, enamel work, silkscreening, photography.

Inspiration: set in motion by favorite spots where she’s spent extended parts of life: the light in Cape Cod and New Mexico, the colors of southwest France and northern California, the energy of London and Kyoto, the gardens of England, the marshes of the Eastern Shore.

Expression: a lifelong attraction to contrast: cool colors set against warm, light touching shadow, wet reaching for dry, the general observed along with the particular.

Best creative collaboration: partnering with the talented nephew of artist M.C. Escher, Gielijn Escher, on posters promoting the New Theater Festival.