Sharon Malley


Sharon Malley believes that popular culture and new media dilute our experiences of ourselves, of others, and of our natural environments. She finds pleasure in the tactile act of painting, working primarily in oil with the same three tubes of color and white. She often incorporates other materials in the canvases, including gold leaf, paper collage, various printing techniques, and sewn objects. The primitive symbolism in her current “Anthropology” series is to remind the viewer of a subconscious iconography that has become lost in our tech savvy world.

Sharon holds a BS in Art Education and a Masters degree and Doctorate in special education and disability related fields. Her doctoral work focused on creativity and disabilities. She is the founder of Within Sight, a non-profit that facilitated the art making of visual artists with intellectual disabilities in Arlington, VA. She works as the special education specialist for VSA/Accessibility, advising the Kennedy Center educational programs, and in her spare time as an artist, with studios in Arlington, VA and Denton, MD.