Artist of the Month

Michael Allison


I work with acrylic paints because they suit the needs of my style. Working light to dark, I typically apply single coats of paint with a roller and then block off portions of the canvas with an adhesive (typically tape or glue) where I don’t want the next layer of paint to appear. This process is repeated until the canvas is covered in adhesive, hiding a painting underneath. Then I take a deep breath, remove the adhesive, and hope the painting underneath looks like what I imagined in my head. The painting featured to the left (Bowie) was done in this style using nothing but electrical tape.

Recently I’ve been working with rubber cement as my adhesive of choice to block off color layers.  It’s applied and removed easily and creates an appearance of brushwork.  While I’ve drifted all over the place as far as subject matter I’m looking to focus on portraits for my next couple pieces. I’m relatively new to the “professional artist” game and look forward to growing in my craft with the Alliance.  You can usually find me volunteering at the arlington farmers market in Courthouse on Saturday mornings.

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